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Va Apportionment calculator Form: What You Should Know

Veterans and family members eligible (but not receiving or being assessed) under the VA Apportionment Formula may use this calculator to determine how much they would receive if they were entitled to their own personal VA awards. Example: If you are entitled to a benefit for a service-connected disability that may continue to exist even when it no longer limits your physical activity, you would use this calculator to determine the amount of support that benefits you believe you would otherwise receive. To determine the value of your total VA benefits, use the apportionment calculator below. First, enter the number of days that you have completed the test for disability in the first column. Then you should enter all the months in that same column when determining the number of  days you are expected to be disabled. Each month you would be expected to be disabled should be noted. Finally, if your award is a lump sum, enter how much you are paid at the end of each month from the appropriate amounts in the last column. Use your personal information (age, date of birth, race, sexual orientation, etc.) to complete the form. All data entered here is private, confidential and will not be released to anyone else. If you have any questions, please write to Disability Services at or email us at For additional info or to sign up, please see.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va Apportionment calculator

Instructions and Help about Va Apportionment calculator

Music hello I'm Matthew Hill from human Ponton this is our be a video blog I'm here with Carol on and we're doing a series on big mistakes we see from the misunderstandings that get in the way between veteran gist benefits and today we want to talk to you about unemployability vs. 100% the overwhelming number of clients who represent our so disabled that they keep work and we are trying to get them total benefits be it kind of percent or unemployability so we are asked all the time what's the difference and the dip so there's a scheduler 100% that means you add up all the ratings you have and they reach 100 percent what you don't have to be a combined percentage yes right and or you have a hundred percent because you're not working and you're not looking because of a service-connected problem okay they're essentially the exact same thing except under unemployability you can't work that's the only difference and you just have to every year Sam I'm not working and 100 percent well you can work and we have more information on our blog check it out but you can work on a little bit but you are able work right so basically they're the same things but our veterans are very confused about that and they're not sure why is one better than the other if you want to work and be 100 percent disabled and yes you don't want the unemployability but if you're not working because of the service-connected problem and it makes no difference whatsoever if you're getting unemployability or 100 percent Brooke that's the confusion that we have of that client so they're permanent total to get all the same other benefits you know tax breaks that's permanent...