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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing apportionment of va benefits for child support

Instructions and Help about apportionment of va benefits for child support

I'll be in Washington DC on March 6 6 & 7 ok can they move it to the following week you know do you have permission to go to are you on bond you don't have any bond oh I'll pay bail and that was it ok have you talked to the bond guy - Tom you're going out of state okay bond we had to pay bill yeah it's the same thing a bail bondsman here owns a piece of you right no Darleen paid they told us that this was the bail and we paid it listen to me one of the bond or bail conditions is that you not leave the state without the permission of the court okay do you have that no you got to get it okay so you need to call the bail person today to get to we may have to get an order from the court to allow you to go you can't just leave the state without you know telling people where you're going when you are under the jurisdiction of the court I say if you go back and look at the bond papers because they can revoke your bond okay you don't want that I see so you need to call the bail bondsman how much did you post you know Darlene posted it I think it was I don't know twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven hundred anyway the deal is you've got to make sure you work with the bond company mistake my guess is it's not going to be an issue my guess is Paula fire would probably work with me to make that decision what are you going this is some kind of conference isn't it yeah it's a conference regarding veterans disability compensation being misused by courts what's the name of the conference it's not called a conference to talk about that some veterans Veterans Affairs Committee okay where is it it's gonna be in Washington DC at the cannon house who's sponsoring it congressman Jeffrey Miller do you have any documents on this no I just have the I just sent out the invitations to all the Michigan politicians because the the veterans advocate C program that I'm working with advise me about that do you guys you have access to a computer at home right yes so do you have stuff on your computer about this event yes I do if you're gonna if you're gonna talk to your bond people to tell them that you want to leave the state to attend this event function you're gonna need precise information what it is where it is where where's it being held who's doing it what's the time and what's the date okay okay I'll talk to the Chairman and get all that information today it's on you oh definitely yeah I'm not trying to give anyone I'm not trying to be evasive or anything I'll prwhatever information needs to be provided.


Child Support: VA Apportionment: Is there any legal help for Veterans?
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs cannot help you in complying with State laws, especially if you volunteered to apportion your benefits (and moreso if there's a State law or court order requiring the apportionment).Quora is a lot of things, but a place to get detailed and personal legal assistance it is not. You need to seek professional legal and financial assistance off the site. My personal advice would be to find a lawyer who's experienced in veteran benefits laws who may be able to work an arrangement with the State where less of your benefits are apportioned, but that may or may not help resolve your other woes. Best of luck to you. Thanks for the A2A, Jon.
Are VA disability compensation benefits calculated into child support payments in Alaska?
Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1–800–827–1000 to inquire into whether VA disability compensation benefits would be subject being part of child support payments. If so, an apportionment can be established so that the funds are directed to the lawful recipient.
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