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Is the United States government like an old bulky machine in the 21st century?
Yes and no.The portion of "the government" that is the bureaucracy is remarkably well-oiled and responsive to popular concerns. It doesn't always seem like that, but precisely because of the media outrages that occur around scandals like the VA, those tend to get fixed within a decade or less, which is actually pretty fast in terms of social problems.The portion of "the government" that is the leadership - legislators, senior executive officials, judiciary - and the Constitution that outlines how it's all supposed to work, are - I often fear irreparably - broken. It's a 200 year old document, and beyond plain age, I believe it's rightly viewed as a flawed first draft around which much better constitutions for other countries were written later. Several human rights we now consider to be critical - privacy, freedom from slavery, etc - are missing. The lack of limitations on legislative process have allowed a byzantine supralegal apparatus to fester and decay (the filibuster is merely a symptom of this). The flaws in apportionment and elections have since been solved by innovations like proportional representation and ranked voting.If you look at the problems facing the US today - climate change, discrimination, inequality - not one of them is impossible to solve. What stops us from solving them is the legislative gridlock that has resulted from a flawed constitution being pushed past a point that its writers never conceived of. The document may have been able to resist partisanship and ideological polarization each alone, but it was simply not designed to ever handle their combination, ideological polarization along partisan lines.So yes, in that sense, it's a bulky old machine. It's like if we took ENIAC, one of the first transistor based computers, and tried to make it play Call of Duty.
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