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Is it possible to get VA benefits due to asbestosis?
Hello there,Thank you for the A2A.Yes, it is possible to get VA benefits due to asbestosis, if it is caused by service-connected activity.Service-related asbestos exposure can cause mesothelioma and several other forms of cancer. The VA considers such cancers to be 100 percent disability.Filing the claim for asbestosis and to meet the criteria for disability compensation is a notoriously complex process.First of all, a doctor must confirm and write a medical nexus letter stating that the asbestos is the cause of veteran• illness. Then, the veteran or their family member also needs to write an asbestos exposure summary.The summary letter must determine how the veteran was exposed to the asbestos during his/her military service. If you are able to prove this, you will be award the 100% disability benefits for your illness.Documentation required for Asbestos VA ClaimsApplication for disability compensation or DICMarriage and divorce documents, if applicableMedical records about asbestosis.Medical nexus letterMilitary discharge paperworkAsbestos exposure summaryThese illness are very different from most service-connected disabilities. These diseases usually do not develop until after retirement.In most cases, this means the symptoms and diagnosis are never diagnosed while the veteran was on active duty.Hence, veterans must prove that they suffered more exposure to asbestos in the military which caused their illness. A well-written exposure summary is crucial to proving military asbestos exposure.Furthermore, you want any kind of guidance and consulting regarding Veteran Disability or VA benefits than you can speak to an attorney at Fight 4 Vets. Contact for a free initial consultation.Hope this helps.
Why is it easy to enlist in the US military, but so hard to be approved for disability when you get out?
Going in, you’re worth something. They invest a lot in you to make you a killer.After you get out, and anytime you’re “disabled,” you’re a burden on society, to quote many a president who wants to cut SSA and other benefits. Once you get older, enough to retire, you’re a burden. Oh, if you’re Trump, it’s fine. But, not everyone has that kind of money.Our society is set up for the young, healthy, and rich. The US gladly supports children, illegitimate or not. But, at 18, you’re on your own. Join the military, so you can fight for the US, and they provide for you as long as you can fight. Get too old, you’re out. Disabled? You’re out.I know one Marine who went off to the endless war and was severely disabled in it. He came home, costing millions to get him back to where he could function again, and was discharged. His local VA, off the base, was more than glad to help him. After all, they had direct contact with the Corps and his friends. But, when he recovered enough to return home, he faced an uphill fight from the same VA, only a different office. Two years he and his family fought and two years he was screwed by the VA. In this time, his wife dumped him and he generally got WORSE because of how he was treated, how he couldn’t get the medicines he needed were denied, and how he couldn’t get the treatment needed. In the end, he had to move back to his base, just off it actually, and go through that VA. I guess they weren’t going to risk pissing off the entire base. While at home, though, not only did local Marines help him, but even some others who served pitched in to provide medicines that they purchased for him. They even paid for him to see a doctor to prescribe the medicines for him. The government DOES NOT CARE, but the vets are a brotherhood.Basically, the VA and SSA, and others who pretend to help people, are paid to DENY benefits and save money. You have to jump through more hoops than circus animals. Even if you get approved by one, the others make you jump through hoops. Say you get SSA and have a low enough income to need help. Unless you’re 65, you get denied a lot. For other things, you have to re-apply, even though they can get the information, so they can check and cross check it to deny you. I’ve seen the local Social Services deny a lot of people, legally and illegally. Some because they were gay, some because they wouldn’t cooperate with the Sheriff’s Department, and some were approved when they shouldn’t have been because they DID work with the Sheriff. Starting to see a pattern (of abuse)?It was bad in the 1960s when the military screwed a lot of people. The wrong numbers/codes on forms and all that. But, since we haven’t had a president that served since Bush Sr., they have made it HARDER on vets. Obama played games, like Clinton did, saying he would help. He didn’t. A long waiting list combined with games made it horrible.In the end, they send the very clear message that the elderly and disabled are worthless and a burden. If they can’t look after themselves, let them die. Trump is even more like this since he thinks that everyone who isn’t rich is a freeloader. Yet, he was too cowardly to serve and has a habit of running off at the mouth and not being man enough to back it up. Must be nice to have that much money.Did you ever see “Logan’s Run?” It was a 1970s movie, and then a TV series,where no one made it past 30. I’m surprised the US government hasn’t started something like this to get rid of the disabled and elderly, to save money. They might even start some lie about “winning” something or becoming young again to fool people into buying it.OH, and before you think the DNC is any better than the GOP, they’re not. Clinton’s games were just as bad as Bush’s and Obama’s. They look after the rich, by cutting their taxes and giving them all sorts of breaks, but do nothing for the poor. Maybe if we had a president who came from the poor, on the streets, we would see some changes. Today, the name of the game is making money and punishing. The War on poverty, war on drugs, and war on terror all combine to make it harder to be poor than rich.As long as you’re valuable to society, making money and paying taxes, or fighting for the government, you’re good. If not…
How can I tell if someone is really a US Army soldier?
Hey bud, you got your CAC? What unit were you in? Where did you go to boot?Oh you’re from Texas but went to Parris Island? How did that happen? So you went to Marine bootcamp? What did they call the big mountain in san diego that you have to kill yourself on to finish that fucking shit?You’re in the army? Where you stationed. What is the phonetic alphabet?Listen to the way they pronounce their numbers. If they claim sergeant or something they will say numbers differently. 5 is Fife 3 is Tree, so on. Nato Phoenetic is the easiest and fastest. If they don’t know it off the top of their head they’re lying. This is the:Alpha,Bravo,charlie,delta, golf,hotel,india,juliet,kilo,lima ETC ETC ETC. Are they a clear speaker or do they mumble. Most military members will be articulate and able to understand when they speak and typically not have an impediment like stuttering, though it can happen.If anyone claims special forces, they are lying. If someone claims they don’t do shit they just sit idly by kicking sand etc, they are either telling the truth or telling you the complete opposite of what they do so you don’t worry. I am a Recon Marine. My girlfriend thinks I am in admin and I will never tell her otherwise until I’m in that dirt.Lastly, EARPRO. If they ever mention going to a range and say earplugs over EARPRO that is a redflag. For me. As well as using “repeat that or what” over “Say again” but those aren’t DEAD give-aways but huge indicators. or ask them what earpro are. Say you heard a Marine talking about something and he said earpro and you got curious so you’re asking your friend that is in the military right?They don’t have a CAC? Sketchy. Don’t know what EARPRO means? Okay that’s• okay umm• oh shit you don’t know your phonetics? You lying through your teeth and I know people that died wearing that uniform and they didn’t do it for themselves they did it for others and that is huge fucking disrespect for them AND for yourself. *if you know someone that served and didn’t make it or has passed on in some way, if not, disregard last*A few key words Marines use.FuckUGH GOD DAMN ITKillWhat the fuck!!!!?!?!????Yo, somebody find out where those fucking shots are coming from and lay down some brass instead of standing around jerking each other off!Charlie fucking Foxtrot - with or without the fucking * Also referred to as a charlie cus we lazy or trying to be “respectful” around superiors.OORAH!Semper Fi/FidelisHeadPisserPort O PissSandpit/sandbox/HellMound *helmund* Province AfghanHajjichowchowhallGunny ArmsGunny mentionsso much more but this is so long already.If they can’t show a CAC or discharge papers within reasonable time, they are 100% fake.Over time you’ll know that they aren’t real. Service members can tell right away. They can also tell if you’ve seen combat, for the most part.
I'm a totally disabled Vet and my VA check was about $500 short this month with no explanation given. If my VA assistance officer hasn't been able to help, what could be some ideas?
Well first of all thank you for your service, I too am a disabled vet, and I also work for the VHA, I didn't like the response that you got from Michael, there could have been a number of reasons why your check was short, but usually the VA does not take money without a notice being sent out months before that action takes place,  it allows you time to response to the action, same thing with the Treasury Dept. Perhaps you missed that notice in the mail, also if you move and don't let VBA (local Regional Office) know. Then you will miss correspondence from them. The VHA and VBA does not share address information, so while you may be notifying your VA hospital about your current address, the VBA does not get that info. I can't believe that no one can give you an answer. If you have access to a computer, you can register with e-benefits on the VA website, there you should find the answer yourself. If not I will leave you some contact info, the best way to get me is through e-mail, that way we can exchange info more securely, since I work the off tours ( evenings and nights). I will try to assist you, at least get you some answers. I look forward to hearing from you, if not good luck to you.Earnest J Cooke JrMedical Administrative SpecialistVA Hudson Valley Health Care System2094 Albany Post RoadMontrose, NY 10548earnest.cookejr@va.govWe are dealing with veterans, not procedures -- with their problems, not ours.-- 1947, General Omar Bradley, Administrator of the U.S. Veterans Administration.
Why can't military personnel show their ID if out on a peacekeeping mission?
The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) warns that women in the U.S. and around the world are being scammed by persons pretending to be U.S. soldiers deployed in war zones. CID warns that these fake soldiers' promises of love and devotion only “end up breaking hearts and bank accounts.”According to CID, the pretend heroes sink so low as to be using the names, ranks and even pictures of actual U.S. soldiers - some killed in action -- to target women 30 to 55 years old on social media and dating web sites."We cannot stress enough that people need to stop sending money to persons they meet on the internet and claim to be in the U.S. military," said Chris Grey, Army CID's spokesman in a press release. "It is heartbreaking to hear these stories over and again of people who have sent thousands of dollars to someone they have never met and sometimes have never even spoken to on the phone."According to Grey, the scams typically employ clever, romantically worded requests for money to help the fake “deployed soldier” buy special laptop computers, international telephones, military leave applications, and transportation fees needed to keep the budding “relationship” going."We've even seen instances where the perpetrators are asking the victims for money to 'purchase leave papers' from the Army, help pay for medical expenses from combat wounds received, or help pay for their flight home so they can leave the war zone," said Grey.Victims who get worried and ask to actually talk to the fake soldiers are typically told the Army does not allow them to make phone calls or that they need money to "help keep the Army internet running." Another common thread, according to Grey is for the "soldier" to claim to be a widower raising a child or children on their own."These perpetrators, often from other countries, most notably from West African countries are good at what they do and quite familiar with American culture, but the claims about the Army and its regulations are ridiculous," said Grey.Report ThemAll forms of financial fraud, which is exactly what these fake, "love for money" soldiers are trying to pull, can now be reported.Military Leave is Always Earned, Never BoughtNo branch of the U.S. military charges service members money for permission to take leave. Leave is earned, not purchased. As the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command recommends: Never Send Money - "Be extremely suspicious if you are asked for money for transportation costs, communication fees or marriage processing and medical fees."In addition, be very suspicious if the person you are corresponding with wants you to mail anything to an African country.Where to Turn Them InIf you suspect or know you have been victimized by a fake soldier scammer, you can report the incident to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).Out of a concern for the safety and privacy of their servicemembers, all branches of the U.S. military have removed their web-based, online personnel locator services.Scams Targeting Veterans, Military Personnel, and RetireesIn another despicable outgrowth of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the IRS warns of email phishing scams targeting veterans, current military personnel, and retirees receiving VA disability benefits. The emails falsely claim that individuals currently receiving disability compensation from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) may be eligible to obtain additional funds from the IRS.The emails come from a bogus outfit calling itself Defense Finance and Accounting Services, and while the email address ends with a “.mil” domain, it is not a legitimate government military email address.The email promises the victims that by sending copies of their VA award letters, income tax returns, 1099-Rs, Retiree Account Statements, and DD-214s to a colonel at an address in Florida, they can receive additional money from the IRS. Of course, as the IRS points out, they cannot and will not. In fact, by giving the non-existent “colonel” the personal financial information shown on the requested documents, the victims could face financial disaster.[1]To avoid falling victim to this or similar scams, the IRS reminders taxpayers to watch out for the following:Fictitious claims for refunds or rebates based on false statements of entitlement to tax creditsEmails from unfamiliar senders asking for personal informationInternet solicitation that direct individuals to toll-free numbers and then solicit Social Security numbers or other personal informationThe IRS never contacts taxpayers by email. The IRS initiates most contacts with taxpayers through regular mail delivered by the United States Postal Service.Footnotes[1] FortuneChargeback
I have been scammed, I'm sure I've been talking to a US military guy and need answers. Can I ask them here?
If you have been scammed, and the perpetrator was really a U.S. serviceman, it is a simple matter to report him and bring him to justice. File your complaint here:https://www.cid.army.mil/report-...The Army CID will patiently explain to you, as they do to thousands and thousands of gullible and uninformed victims every year, that your “US military guy” is really a West African scammer.Does your “US military guy” have an email address ending in .MIL? No?Every single U.S. serviceman has a .MIL email address, and there are no “security reasons” that prevent him from using it, in spite of what scammers try to claim when they are asked to provide it to verify their identity.Of course you can ask questions here! You might try using the Search field first, though, because the topic of “military romance scammers” has been covered in detail. You will very likely find your answers there, and you will probably not like to hear the truth:you were not scammed by U.S. servicemana West African thief took advantage of your lack of knowledge about the U.S. militarythe money you sent the scammer is gone foreverthere is no way to identify or bring the thief to justice
How many levels of service-connected disability related to arthritis can a disabled veteran incur regarding the rating system?
The VA evaluates each part of the body differently, so to answer your question I'll use the leg as an example. If one were to lose the leg above the knee the VA would rate that at 60%, that’s the maximum compensation for a leg. A below the knee loss is 40%. Arthritis in the knee is compensated at 10% for mild, 20% for moderate and 30% for severe arthritis. Ankylosis (stiff immobile joint) and lateral or rotational instability is rated at 40%. If the VA determines that a leg is so severely damaged that it's useless and just as disabling as an amputation, a Loss of Use rating will be applied and the Veteran will receive Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) also referred to as a K (or some other letter) award. Different body parts/joints may have a different rating scale such as the back which the VA rates at 20%, 40% and 60%. Regardless of the body part the VA rates arthritis as Mild, Moderate or Severe.
What is the best way to find out your credit score?
Try this site where you can find the best solutions for all your personal financial needs://personalfinancesolutions.info/index.html?src=perfinance//RELATEDAuto Loan Contract (6 Year Loan turns Into an 8 Year loan)?I purchased an SUV in 2022 (6 year loan) my loan was to finish in June 2022. I called the finance company to get a pay-off January 2011and they said I still owe them $14.000.00 Note: I gave the truck to my cousin in 2022 since I couldnt afford the payments due to my employer cutting wages. My cousin got upset and gave me the truck back. I called the finace company again and aked what was happening, they said it was an insurance lapse which took it up $4000.00, Differments on the truck (Which i did agree with) and now, they said the rest was due to the truck payment being paid late every month, I understand and agree with the late fee BUT”” I didnt know they could also add interest for everyday it was late aside of the late fee”“Determine the amount of total interest expense on a 25 year mortgage of 52,000 with an interest rate of 14%?”Please show me the calculations to arrive at the correct answers. I would truly appreciate help with this as I can’t figure it out on my own. 3. Determine the amount of total interest expense on a 25 year mortgage of 52,000 with an interest rate of 14% assuming monthly compounding after lat payment? 135,786.82 139,867.99 141,300.27 None 6. Obtain the total interest paid during the last 10 years of $52,000 mortgage when n=25 k=14%? 34,795.83 34,797.83 34,799.83 None 7. Obtain the principal amount repaid during years 10 and 11 of a 52,000 mortgage when n=25 k=14%? 1854.35 1857.35 1860.35 None 8. What is the effective yield on a 25 year fixed rate mortgage if 20 points are charged and the nominal interest rate is 14%? Approximation formula 17.2% 18.2% 18.8% None 9. Start with the same number as the previous example loan= 52,000 25 years and k= 0.14%. What is the interest expense associated with first payment? 606.67 608.54 612.12 None”What does MISSING STOVE have to do with VA Home Loan Approval?Yes, it seems this is coming from some type / category list of requirements . . we want to know What List? Where to get a copy of this list? I just can’t imagine a family being denied”” a Home opportunity due to a stove not being there? Aren’t there more vital issues that exist . . what if Buyer doesn’t mind”Free credit report online?some sites for free credit report ask for a credit card number but i do not have a credit card and can not get a online report of my credit report does anybody have a solution.I just ordered my credit report from Facts Act?I ordered all 3 of them through them on the phone, will all 3 still come with dispute forms so I can dispute inquries? Like you can online? Or am I going to have to send a letter to all the companies with the order numer and dispute through them? Or should I do both, my online credit report which I paid 30 bucks for and only got two reports say I have 8 inquries that were used to determine my score over the last 6 months, but there were I counted 28 of them. Some of these I did make, but some of them are on there twice from the same company, some of them are from the same day, I was under the impression that auto loans and such made within two weeks of each other counts as one.”Does anyone have any information on filing bankruptcy?I used a wrong credit card number in a site mistakenly and its seems to be a valid credit card however the payment didn’t go through?i used a wrong credit card number in a site by mistake and its seems to be a valid credit card number belongs to some1 else however the payment didn’t go through as it said(the bank refused the payment) and so is that considered to be a fraud or something illegal for trying using some1 else credit card noting that it was by mistake and the payment was blocked and didn’t go throughWill the VA give me a loan or advance pay on my disability compensation?I just was awarded 70% for PTSD, I was told by another vet at my school you can get a loan against your comp for up to $5000 and they will take it out of your checks over time. I have not found any information on this so I dont know thats its true, thanks for any info you can give me =)”What are the potential consequences of lying about age on a car loan application?How do you get ONE free credit report without signing up for a trial of anything?I keep seeing offers for free credit reports. But you always have to signup for a month of service that will continue in perpetuity unless you go to them and tell them to cancel. Is there a way you can get just ONE free copy of your credit report and have no commitment for anything else? e.g. http://www.truecredit.com/entry/...
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